Breezy Point Auto Body seeks to provide its customers with timely, affordable and effective service in a friendly, professional environment. It is our duty to make sure customers receive both the best service and the best value for their service. We will make sure any questions about repairs or insurance are answered, and that our customers drive home satisfied.

Our goal is to give you the best service, the highest quality and the most affordable price on your collision repair work. With our help, your vehicle will be restored to pre-collision quality or better.

When you choose Breezy Point Auto Body, you’re receiving over fifty years of professional and experienced service. Since 1960 and under the watchful eye of the great entrepreneurial thinker Ralph Gaimmattei, Breezy Point Auto Body and its sister companies have been servicing Fairfield and New Haven Counties.

You’ve probably seen one of the Breezy Point Purple Trucks on the road. All of the Breezy Point companies, which include Breezy Point Garage; Breezy Point Auto Body; Breezy Point Auto Repair; and Breezy Point Truck Repair, utilize these trucks. So look for the purple truck if you want the job done right the first time.