Basic Collision Repair Process

Before and After BMW Sedan
After a car accident, being able to find a place that can get your vehicle looking like “out of the dealership” might be difficult. Doing your homework on an establishment might entitle you to read about the company, read reviews, and find a gallery of their work. Lastly and most importantly, you must find the auto body shop that is covered by your insurance company. Still, after doing all this work, you might not be completely sure if your vehicle will ever look the same. There’s also that gray line on how long the process might take and how the work is really going to be done. At Breezy Point Auto Body, we want you to be informed. That is why we want to give you a break down on the six steps of collision repair.

1. Evaluation

No matter the job you need to be done, whether it’s for a home or a vehicle, you need an evaluation. We will first evaluate the damage of your car. Our team of professionals will then give you or your insurance company a written estimate along with a list of parts that might be needed.

2. Preparing the vehicle

During this part of the collision repair process, our team of professionals will remove the damaged parts. At this point, we will notify you if we find any more damages we couldn’t see during the assessment.

3. Body Work

At this point, our experts will start to take out the dents. Once this is done, we will prep and install the new panels and parts. To start the preservation process, we will apply a primer, sealer, and corrosion protection. In this step, your vehicle will be cleaned and sanded for the following process.

4. Paint

This part of our team will chemically clean your vehicle. If needed, they will prime, sand, or apply more sealing. Once your vehicle is properly prepped, we will start the painting process.

5. Re-Assembly

Before passing your vehicle to quality control. Our team installs all the remaining parts and pieces.

6. Last Details

The last step in the collision repair process. We clean your vehicle and double check that all repairs in the agreement were completed.