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What Causes Fisheyes in Car Paint?

By admin | February 13, 2019

Think all paint jobs are the same? Think again. Aside from being able to provide a perfect color match, your autobody shop of choice should be able to perform the paint repair impeccably. You may bring your car to a shop expecting perfect results, but there are many issues and inconsistencies that can occur from … Read more

Why You Should Repair Automobile Dents and Dings Quickly

By admin | January 28, 2019

No one wants to drive around with a beat-up looking car, but dents and dings are sometimes hard to avoid. Whether you backed up into a trashcan or got into a little fender bender that resulted in a few dents or scratches, it’s best to repair these problems in a timely manner. These minor issues … Read more

5 Things You Should Know Before Getting Body Collision Repair

By admin | December 27, 2018

Damage from a collision doesn’t have to mean your vehicle is totaled. A talented auto collision shop should have the capabilities to repair your vehicle to its pre-collision state. Before you bring your car in, here are 5 things you should know before getting body collision repair. You Can Pick Who Fixes Your Car Many … Read more

Winterizing Your Vehicle for Ultimate Safety

By admin | November 5, 2018

Winter is no joke – Winterizing Your Vehicle for Ultimate Safety Just like you need to make sure you have your coat, hat, scarf, and boots, you need to prepare your car for cold weather. Follow these tips to make sure your car is safe to drive through the worst of the winter weather. If you … Read more

Auto Body Rust Prevention and Repair

By admin | September 25, 2018

Rust is the corrosion of metal that occurs under certain conditions. Typically rust occurs when the metal is exposed to iron, oxygen, or water. The most common cause of rust on cars is exposing the metal to water. Luckily, Breezy Point Auto Body, a certified Auto Body Shop in Stratford, CT can provide rust repair … Read more

What Happens When My Car is Totaled?

By admin | September 10, 2018

A car accident is always an unfortunate event. It’s especially bad when your car ends up being undrivable. When a car’s damages are beyond repair, or the cost to fix the car exceeds the value of the car, it’s considered a total loss. In some cases, an Auto Body Shop in Stratford, CT like Breezy … Read more

Express Yourself – Modern Trends In Auto Painting

By admin | August 6, 2018

In a 1909 meeting, Henry Ford said, “Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is black.” In the century-plus since he said that, manufacturers—including Ford—have relaxed that requirement somewhat, offering vehicles painted in a rainbow of colors, up to and including actual rainbows. When you look … Read more

Four Collision Repair Myths

By admin | July 30, 2018

Repairing your car after an accident shouldn’t be confusing, but there are many misconceptions when it comes to the process. Along with finding the right auto body shop in Stratford, CT, you’ll have to know the facts about the repair process. Here are four collision repair myths that may not necessarily be true. Myth #1 … Read more

Is Custom Window Tinting Right for Your Car?

By admin | July 2, 2018

Auto tinting involves fitting a darkened sheet of film to a vehicle’s glass to block visibility. This can include all four side windows and the front and rear windshield. Auto tinting should always be done by a professional, and Breezy Point Auto Body provides the best auto window tinting in Stratford, CT. There are many … Read more

How To Handle Your Collision Repair

By admin | June 7, 2018

You’ve been in a car accident…Now what? The process of having your vehicle repaired after a car accident or road traffic collision can vary greatly depending on the nature of the accident and the insurance companies and policies involved. Here are a few guidelines you can follow to help make the process go more smoothly. … Read more