Why Choose Paintless Dent Repair?

Before and After Paintless Dent Repair Mercedes
The benefits of PDR

When your car suffers a ding or dent, most people think that the only way to repair it is with the expensive “fill and refinish” method, an elaborate process which involves beating out the dent, grinding away the original paint with a sander, applying body filler, reshaping, applying primer to fill in any sanding scratches, using spot putty on any pinholes in the primer and finally, applying the finish coat of paint, which also requires blending with the surrounding area of the car. Rather than go through a complicated and costly affair by either doing it yourself or taking it to an auto body shop, many people just resign themselves to ignoring the dings and dents in their car as they accumulate. There is, however, an alternative solution, and that is paintless dent repair.

What you need to know

If the dent or ding in your car is not extreme enough to have damaged the finish, like dents from hail, door dings, or even something like a dent from a basketball, then a “fill and refinish” is a wholly unnecessary cost. Instead, a paintless dent repair can be made. This is done by finding a pathway that gives you access to the back side of the dent, by reaching behind fenders, inside doors, or between body panels, to push the dent back out and return the metal to its original shape. An alternate method is to bond a “tab” or other “puller” tool to the exterior of the panel and literally pull the dent out, popping the panel back to normal. This method is much less time-consuming and significantly cheaper than the usual method of dent repair. It also maintains the original paint job, helps to preserve your resale value, and is more environmentally safe since no chemicals are required. Clearly, paintless dent repair is a win-win all around.

Final word

The “fill and refinish” method may sometimes be the only option if the damage to your car is enough to have comprised or broken through the finish paint. If this is not the case, then choosing paintless dent repair means less time and money spent at the auto body shop and much less modification to your car and its factory paint job. If you’re in need of dent or ding repair, the professionals at Breezy Point Auto Body can provide you with paintless dent repair to save you money and get you back on the road faster!