Long Live The Finish On Your Car, Truck Or SUV

Congratulations, you’ve had your vehicle repainted. Enjoy the brilliant shine and renewed beauty, then take these simple tips “to heart”  to ensure the finish stays in the best condition.

#1 –Take cover by parking your vehicle in a garage or carport when it’s not in use. If that’s not possible, rely on an outdoor car cover to shield your vehicle from the elements. Ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun will oxidize and fade automobile paint over time, so it’s a great investment if you don’t already have one.  It should be 100% waterproof and made with breathable fabrics to avoid moisture buildup on the underside that could cause mold, mildew or rust. Available for coupes, sedans, convertibles, vans, trucks and SUV’s, make sure you choose the proper size for a snug fit and the best protection.  

#2 – Look up when parking, and try to avoid spots near trees and overhead power lines where birds like to gather.  Tree sap, nuts, branches and bird droppings can wreak havoc on a vehicle’s finish. Also avoid parking close to other cars, trucks or SUV’s  in public parking lots. It may take a few extra steps to get to your destination, but it will minimize the likelihood of dents or dings from hastily opened car doors, or a runaway shopping cart that could result in chipped or peeling paint.   As an added benefit, you’ll also decrease your chances for a “fender bender” when you park faraway from the crowd. 

#3 – Be meticulous, and remove any traces of bird “bombs,” sticky tree sap or any other substance that may harm the paint as soon as you notice it; and be sure to have your car, truck or SUV washed on a regular basis (at least a few times per season). Applying car wax also helps to prevent sun damage and stop pollution, grit and dirt from sticking to the finish, so don’t skip this critical car care step.   Whether done by yourself or as part of a professional detailing, waxing goes a long way to keep your vehicle’s paint job pristine. 

#4 – Wash, no matter the season.  When it’s cold outside, it’s easy to justify holding off on a car wash until spring.  But with today’s modern technology, there is no reason to do so. Featuring specialized equipment such as high-pressure sprayers, effective soaps, soaking agents and thorough drying methods, full-service car washes are proficient at whisking away dirt and grime without causing annoyances such as frozen locks or wiper blades stuck to the windshield. When the temperature rises above 32 degrees, an automatic car wash also serves as a fast and less costly option. Either way, it’s important to have your car washed in the winter. 

#5 – Be proactive to prevent corrosion. Road salt and de-icing chemicals used on slippery roads are the top two causes of paint damage as well as rust in the winter.  Wipe salt & de-icer residue off your vehicle with a damp cloth between routine car-washes. Remember to use a soft cloth or chamois, as rougher rags and towels can scratch the paint’s finish. If you notice any dents, dings, scratches or corrosion, turn to Breezy Point Auto Body to help you  prevent the damage from spreading. 

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