The Secret To An Exceptional Custom Paint Job

Two words. Polyester Primer! It is highly valued by professional auto body paint technicians for a few important reasons which we are about to share with you. First, we’d like to point out that it is only one material that is used in the body panel repair and refinishing process, but a very necessary one to ensure a quality job. So what’s so great about poly primer?

It offers HIGH BUILD.   As it is sprayed on a surface, the high building properties of polyester primer excel in filling minor pitting in metal and imperfections on body- work or metal.  While not as easy to apply as a conventional body filler, technicians who build up the surface is a more uniform way by spray and blocking poly primer will see better results in the end.  

It has HIGH SOLIDS.   Due to the high solid content in poly primer, there is very little shrinkage on panels.  This means it can be sprayed and blocked, primed and painted over without the primer shrinking, then causing imperfections in the surface of the paint when the job is complete. 

It provides a LASER STRAIGHT FINISH.   Spraying a final coat of polyester primer over the last round of body filler helps achieve a single uniform coat ready to block sand for a perfect panel.   This last step is key, as it can help achieve an award-winning look, as opposed to an average paint job.   

PRO TIP!   The most knowledgeable and experienced pros (including our team at Breezy Point Auto Body)  will block sand and apply poly primer several times and block the vehicle before sealing it up with a urethane primer or sealer.  So now you know the secret to an exceptional custom paint job. 

Paint and Refinishing Certified, our use of polyester primer in the auto repair and repainting process illustrates our commitment to quality at Breezy Point Auto Body.  From accurate estimates and insurance claims processing assistance to the performance of precision repairs from the framework, mechanical and electrical to the body and refinishing, excellent customer service during every step of the repair process is always our goal.  We believe that goes a long way in explaining why we’ve has been serving Fairfield & New Haven Counties since 1960! Do the math, and you’ll find that’s 60 years of unparalleled quality and service, which we look forward to providing you. 

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Family-owned & operated your satisfaction isn’t merely a goal, it’s what drives us.  From the moment you enter our facility, until the day you pick up your repaired vehicle, we never quit working for you and always you’re your needs first. We even guarantee all our work with a written warranty. Every repair is done as if our own family will be in the vehicle when it leaves our facility. Not everyone can say that!