The Importance of Choosing a Certified Auto Body Shop

So The Importance of Choosing a Certified Auto Body Shop like Breezy Point Auto Body is much more important than you might think. There's a lot to a quality repair. Call the Experts at Breezy Point today at (203) 378 4909 or use our convenient Contact Form and we'll reach out to you quickly.
Even if it’s a simple fender bender, a car accident is always a stressful situation. After you make sure there are no injuries and file the police report, it’s time to sort out the repairs for your vehicle. It’s important to choose a body shop that specializes in collision repair or dent repair. Not all shops have the equipment and skills to properly do auto body work. While it may seem convenient to take it to the closest local body shop, you may want to do some further research to ensure your repair is done properly.

One important factor to look for is a shop’s certifications. Check for logos on the shop’s door or windows, or on the shop’s website that indicates specific certifications. A certified body shop will require their technicians to receive special training that makes them knowledgeable about specifications and components for certain vehicle makes and how to safely repair them. Certifications can also indicate that the technicians have had specialized training in certain repairs or techniques or that the shop has been inspected for quality. Certified shops are held up to industry standards by independent organizations.

Each car manufacturer has systems and components that are specific to the models they build. Having a factory-certified body shop and technician repair your vehicle will ensure that the repair is done properly for your specific model. Collision repair shops like Breezy Point Auto Body are certified in many different vehicle makes. They are certified to service Honda, Nissan, Infinity, Acura, Chrysler, Ford, GM, and Hyundai.

Cars, SUVs, and trucks are becoming more complex, which can make it harder for a non-certified technician to properly service your vehicle. Sometimes, an improper repair can lead to more issues and costs down the road.

Aside from certifications in different vehicle makes, a body shop can be certified by different auto organizations. An organization such as I-Car will train technicians in different specialties for auto body repair. An I-Car certification lets you know that the technicians that will be servicing your vehicle have the most up to date training and qualifications in the industry.

Auto repair businesses can also work to become a certified I-CAR Gold Class business by having at least one I-CAR Platinum Individual-certified employee in each of four certification areas. An I-CAR Gold Class certification assures customers that the body shop has the highest level of expertise in collision repair. Along with their certifications in different makes of vehicles, Breezy Point Auto Body also carries the I-Car Gold certification. This assures you that your vehicle will get the right service for your specific make and model, as well as top quality collision repair.

Choosing an I-Car Gold certified shop with factory certification for your car’s specific make will ensure that your vehicle is repaired to the highest quality and safety standards. Whether you need paint matching and repainting service, frame straightening, or dent repair, choosing a body shop that is certified will give you the peace of mind that your repair will be done to factory standards and with the highest level of professionalism.

So The Importance of Choosing a Certified Auto Body Shop like Breezy Point Auto Body is much more important than you might think. There’s a lot to a quality repair. Call the Experts at Breezy Point today at (203) 378 4909 or use our convenient Contact Form and we’ll reach out to you quickly.

Avoid needing Breezy Point Auto Body Repairs this holiday season

Avoid needing Auto Body Repair this holiday season
1. Prepare your vehicle for the winter
During the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, it can be difficult to find time to check off all the items on your to-do list, but automotive maintenance should be a priority. Winter’s cold, snow, and ice are conditions that everyone should prepare for as early as possible. Start with a check of your tires. Bald tires are a common cause of winter accidents because they are ineffective at gripping the road, and when those roads are covered in ice, braking, turning, accelerating, and backing up all become more difficult. So, visit your automotive specialist to check your tires, brakes, windshield wipers, defrost system, battery, and fluids. Keeping up with automotive service, maintenance, and repair is always the first step to avoid an accident.

2. Monitor the weather
Let the shopping begin; it’s the holiday season. This is the time of year when everyone takes to the road in search of the perfect gifts for their loved ones, but before you do, always check the weather. Aside from bundling up in your holiday best, you want to plan ahead for winter’s road conditions. If the forecast predicts fog, rain, snow, or worse, you want to be prepared to take all the necessary precautions to avoid an accident, or even consider postponing your trip. Pay attention to all travel warnings, and if you feel safe making the journey, remember to leave early, drive more slowly, and leave a little extra room between you and other vehicles.

3. Be rested and alert
The holiday parties are underway, and that can often mean staying out late. Enjoy the festivities this season, but don’t forget to get the rest you need to remain alert while out on winter roads. Driving drowsy can be deadly! In fact, the National Highway Administration reports that drowsy drivers cause over 72,000 accidents nationwide. Don’t add to the statistics this season, rest up after those holiday shindigs so you can be aware of your surroundings while driving through the worst road conditions of the year. Now’s the time to look out for other cars, roaming animals, playing children, and more. So, stay alert!

4. Take parking lot precautions during holiday shopping
Traffic is at an all-time high, especially in mall and shopping center parking lots. Aside from stray shopping carts that could damage your vehicle, it’s also important to be on the look for holiday thefts. Most shoppers tend to visit more than one store in an outing, so the later it gets, the more gifts end up in your vehicle. Consider storing all gifts in the trunk of your car to keep them from being visible, or make a couple extra stops to unload at home, so potential thieves will have less reason to target your vehicle.

Breezy Point Auto Body wants you to avoid the need for auto body repairs throughout the holidays, and we hope these tips help. We know your time is valuable, and it should be spent enjoying the magic of the season. Should you suffer an accident or any kind of auto body damage, remember that Breezy Point Auto Body is a friendly, knowledgeable, and reliable full-service auto collision repair shop that has been serving Fairfield and New Haven Counties since 1960. Call Breezy Point Auto Body at (203)378-4909 or use our contact form any time you may need our services.

Trust us to exceed your expectations. And have a very Safe and Happy Holiday Season.

Breezy Point Auto Body: A Nissan Certified Auto Collision Repair Shop

Breezy Point Auto Body is a Nissan Certified Auto Collision Repair Shop, meaning they employ top-quality technicians who have extensive knowledge about collision repair and are trained to use the best equipment and tools to make sure the job gets done right. Your Nissan is in good hands when you leave it with Breezy Point Auto Body.

Breezy Point Auto Body-A Nissan Certified Auto Collision Repair Shop

There are many advantages to having your vehicle repaired by our Nissan Certified shop and technicians, such as our I-CAR Gold certified collision repair techniques that help maintain future crashworthiness priority use of quality Genuine Nissan Replacement Parts, state-of-the-art tools and equipment specially made for Nissan collision repairs to aid in the preservation of your vehicle’s value, a limited lifetime warranty on complete collision repair, and more. Having your Nissan repaired by us provides you with the certainty that your repair will be perfect by industry standards from the moment you bring your vehicle to our shop to the moment you come back to pick it up.

Breezy Point consistently delivers fantastic technical expertise and customer support thanks to their training by an association with Nissan as a Nissan Certified Auto Collision Repair Shop. Being certified with Nissan lets customers of Breezy Point Auto Body know that they don’t have to worry because they are leaving their vehicle with highly trained and competent professionals who truly care about the state of your vehicle and how well it is performing for the sake of your safety and peace of mind.

Here at Breezy Point Auto Body, we are proud to be selected to represent and work closely with Nissan to give you the best possible collision repairs available in this industry. Achieving the Nissan Auto Collision Repair Shop certification excites us not only because we’ve worked hard to be a respected and reputable collision repair shop recognized by automakers but because the resources we’ve gained by our Nissan association, such as higher-quality equipment and tools, benefits our customers most. Your car repairs are what matter most, and the better tools and equipment we have to work on your car, the better our repairs on your vehicle will be.

If your Nissan has suffered damage from a car accident, call Breezy Point Auto Body today at (203) 378-4909. Our Nissan Certified Auto Collision Repair Shop technicians will be more than happy to help get your vehicle back in shape and up and running in no time, so you can get back to your day-to-day safely. Why take your Nissan to a regular shop when you can take it to Nissan-Certified Breezy Point Auto Body? Choose us because you can trust us. Visit us online at or call (203) 378-4909 to schedule your evaluation today.

Breezy Point Auto Body is a Nissan Certified Auto Collision Repair Shop, meaning they employ top-quality technicians who have extensive knowledge about collision repair and are trained to use the best equipment and tools to make sure the job gets done right. Your Nissan is in good hands when you leave it with Breezy Point Auto Body.

The Repair Process

The Repair Process - We Make Collision Repair A Breeze. Serving Connecticut's Fairfield and New Haven counties since 1960.

What is a deductible and who do I pay?

Car accidents are exactly that; accidents. The process of becoming whole again can be difficult especially if there are injuries and mental trauma. For most people, their car is the sole access to their livelihood, and thus fixing it becomes primary to health and recovery. Getting the right fixes, dealing with insurance companies and repair shops; let’s just say it can be frustrating and time-consuming. Being informed and understanding the process can help ease the frustration.

Once liability of the accident is established, you will know which insurance company you should be dealing with. That will vary if you or the other driver is at fault. The next step of the collision repair process is the deductible.


What is a deductible?

A deductible is the difference or amount you have to pay out of pocket for your repairs. I use the term difference because it is the difference of what the insurance company will not cover. Deductibles are usually set and established at the time your car insurance was purchased. Hint: check your fine print. For example, let us say you were involved in an accident and the total damage or repair costs amounted to $2,000 and your insurance policy has a deductible if $500. Then, you are required to pay only that $500 out of pocket. The insurance company covers the other costs.


Who do I pay the deductible to?

At Breezy Point Auto Body, Inc. we understand you may not have $500 lying around. For this reason, your deductible will be paid directly to us after the repairs are complete at the time of pick-up, not before so repair work can begin.


Betterment charges:

This is the cost to replace parts that are worn and need to be replaced when your car is getting repaired. Your insurance company decides on such charges, and they are typically decided by the mileage of your vehicle.


Repair process:

At Breezy Point Auto Body, Inc. our customers are our primary concern. Getting your car the repairs it needs often means haggling with insurance companies and not cutting corners. Rest easy knowing that we will always put your safety first.

We never lose sight of our goals of 5-star customer care accompanied with high-quality service at the most affordable price. Since 1960, we have worked endlessly to master the craft of auto body collision work on any vehicle, foreign and domestic.

We serve both Fairfield and New Haven counties with reliable full-service auto collision repairs. We do repair work on most size vehicles as well as mobile motorhomes and commercial vehicles. Before “going green” became popular, we installed energy efficient systems like intelligent air compressors and electronic spray booths.

Call the friendly and knowledgeable staff of Breezy Point Auto Body, Inc. at (203) 378-4909 or visit our website at to save time and make an appointment. Remember, when you want the job done right the first time, you come to Breezy Point Auto Body, Inc.

Importance of Choosing the Right Repair Shop

Importance of choosing the right repair shop - Breezy Point Auto Body

Everything about car repairs is an inconvenience. The cost of getting your vehicle from point A to shop B, the cost of repairs; the cost of rentals. Many of us make sacrifices that lessen the burdens of repairs.

In the short-term, such choices might appear a relief. In fact, they do long-term damage to both your vehicle and pocketbook.

According to Polk research, the average age of all cars on the road is more than 11 years. Compared to cars on the road in 1995, that number is up roughly eight years. Informed consumers are holding on to their vehicles for as long as 200,000 miles. This means keeping up with scheduled maintenance. It also means choosing the right shop for your accident repairs.

Most of us are guilty of favoring cost-cutting or sham repair jobs. They are repairs that get our cars back on the road and driving. Taking the time to do research can seem bothersome. More bothersome when faced with repair costs.

However, reaching the rarely uncharted territory of 200,000 miles means thinking of your car as a long-term investment. In other words, choosing the repair shop nearest to you over the right shop could cost you thousands down the line.

Drivers who maintain their cars for 200,000 miles can save upwards of $30,000. You might save several dollars on an Uber picking up your car but cost yourself much more in the long-term.

The last thing to consider when looking for the right repair shop is how close it may or may not be to your location. A quick search for mechanic or body shop reviews can tell you if a shop is or isn’t right for your repairs. Mechanics and body repair shops have taken to advertising a specialty. For example, one shop may specialize in foreign cars another in domestic cars another in Japanese made cars. A shop may specialize in fuel systems or engine rebuilds. If a specialty isn’t clearly stated, call and ask.

You’ve heard stories of recurring car problems. Stories of bags of money flushed down the drain trying to right the same issue time and again. When it comes to your car, lazy thinking comes with a price tag. Only the right shop will solve your problem.

By no means does this mean over-maintenance; that is an absolute waste of money. Rather, take the time to clear your head and vent. Don’t fear second opinions. Don’t fear shopping around. Don’t fear diagnostics. The power to make the right choice is in your hands.

Last, but not least, know your vehicle. Pop your hood and look for cracks in your belts, evidence of leaks, bulges in your hoses. Know the location of the right mechanic and body shop for your vehicle before you need repairs done. This is paramount when buying a used car or any car for that matter. Don’t wait until a problem arises to go to the nearest shop. Be prepared ahead of time.

Choosing An Auto Body Collision Shop

We understand that your vehicle is one of the most important purchases of your life. That is why when it comes to repairs, you can’t take it anywhere. Just like you do your research for your doctor, you should do research on the mechanics. Now, when it comes to auto collision repair shops, it’s no different. Think of it as a specialized doctor. You want the best people in that niche. So, do your homework and don’t settle for the place that is cheaper than the rest or a shop your insurance tells you it covers.

Feeling overwhelmed with what to look for while searching repair shops is normal. To make the process a little bit better, follow these tips. They will guide you in the right direction when it comes to choosing the correct shop for your car.

1. Listen to people and read reviews – For years word of mouth has been the best way of marketing. Any business can pay for advertising. However, your company will do better when people start sharing their positive and quality experience. In this digital era, it is easier to find these types of experiences. People can leave reviews on Yelp, Google, and other social media platforms. Clients share their thoughts and encounters and consequently will give you peace of mind when you select an auto body shop.

2. Don’t be afraid to get estimates – Everyone is trying to get the best work for the least amount of money. So, don’t be afraid to visit several auto body shops and get their estimate. You want to make sure that you are not getting extra charges and work that your car doesn’t need. However, you also want to be mindful that the cheapest estimate is not always the best choice. Keep in mind that it could be a job done half way and it might affect your vehicle in the future.

3. Ask questions – Asking questions is normal. At the end of the day, you are the one paying for the service. Asking how long the shop has been in business or what is their warranty policies, is common. Another general question is the insurances they accept. Most places work with insurance companies to get you the best cover and deal. Don’t settle for the shop that your insurance says it covers. This is probably one of the most common steps people overlook. Now if you want to get more in detail be sure to ask the auto body shop if they carry fire and theft insurance. While your car is in the shop, you want to make sure that your vehicle is covered in case it’s stolen, burglarized or destroyed.

During your search for the best auto body shop in town, don’t forget to trust your intuition. Keep these three steps in mind. Also, don’t be afraid to look around and see if the shop is busy, clean and if the team is friendly and attentive. Once all of this is done, you will be one hundred percent sure of your decision and the best place that will get your car back to its original state.

Choosing An Auto Body Collision Shop - We understand that your vehicle is one of the most important purchases of your life. That is why when it comes to repairs, you can’t take it anywhere. Choose Breezy Point Auto Body

Breezy Point Windshield Repair

Cracked Windshield Needing Repair
Accidents happen. No matter if a kid hit a baseball through your windshield or if you got into a car crash. You’re going to need your windshield repaired. This type of damage is common and most insurances cover the cost. At Breezy Point Auto Body, we work with major insurance companies and assist you with those repairs. If you need to repair or replace your windshield, but you aren’t sure what to do in regards to your insurance follow these steps. Be sure to also ask the provider about other financing options before taking your vehicle to the body shop.

Step One: Call Your Insurance

After an accident, be sure to locate your insurance card and contact your provider immediately. Call your insurance and start a claim. This is the moment where you ask about coverage, deductibles, and express any other concerns you may have in mind. The insurance agent should be able to provide you with all your coverage dynamics. If you feel like your vehicle is not in a condition to be out on the road, this is the moment to let the agent know. They should be able to arrange a towing service right away. Remember that your safety always comes first.

Step Two: Windshield Coverage

Once your safety has been taken care of, you’ll need to specify to the provider that you need auto glass repair or replacement. If no other part of your vehicle was damaged, you must let them know you need glass damage coverage without body damage. Missing this small step means more cost. Also, it may require a different deductible.
Step Three: Speak to a Representative

In this step, you’re going to be connected to a representative. They will help you locate, compare, and select the best repair option. You’ll need to have some information so the representative can assist you further and have everything set for you. You’ll need:

  • Your policy number
  • The date of the damage
  • Vehicle’s make and model
  • Repair or replacement
  • The auto body shop selection

The last point is critical. Body shops like Breezy Point Auto Body are flexible and have experience with a variety of insurance claims. Be sure to pick the body shop you feel is the best, don’t allow the representative to steer you towards a specific vendor. Before you select a body shop, remember to always research your options.

Basic Collision Repair Process

Before and After BMW Sedan
After a car accident, being able to find a place that can get your vehicle looking like “out of the dealership” might be difficult. Doing your homework on an establishment might entitle you to read about the company, read reviews, and find a gallery of their work. Lastly and most importantly, you must find the auto body shop that is covered by your insurance company. Still, after doing all this work, you might not be completely sure if your vehicle will ever look the same. There’s also that gray line on how long the process might take and how the work is really going to be done. At Breezy Point Auto Body, we want you to be informed. That is why we want to give you a break down on the six steps of collision repair.

1. Evaluation

No matter the job you need to be done, whether it’s for a home or a vehicle, you need an evaluation. We will first evaluate the damage of your car. Our team of professionals will then give you or your insurance company a written estimate along with a list of parts that might be needed.

2. Preparing the vehicle

During this part of the collision repair process, our team of professionals will remove the damaged parts. At this point, we will notify you if we find any more damages we couldn’t see during the assessment.

3. Body Work

At this point, our experts will start to take out the dents. Once this is done, we will prep and install the new panels and parts. To start the preservation process, we will apply a primer, sealer, and corrosion protection. In this step, your vehicle will be cleaned and sanded for the following process.

4. Paint

This part of our team will chemically clean your vehicle. If needed, they will prime, sand, or apply more sealing. Once your vehicle is properly prepped, we will start the painting process.

5. Re-Assembly

Before passing your vehicle to quality control. Our team installs all the remaining parts and pieces.

6. Last Details

The last step in the collision repair process. We clean your vehicle and double check that all repairs in the agreement were completed.

3 Reasons Painting Your Vehicle Doesn’t Have to be Because of an Auto Collision

Auto Body

Auto Body Repair
Some of the most common reasons people head to the auto body shop for a fresh new paint job is because an accident made collision repair necessary. However, just by driving around Bridgeport, you can probably see plenty of vehicles that could use a new coat of paint even though they haven’t been in accidents. Here are several reasons to consider giving your car a new coat of paint:

Scratches and Dings

Even if you take good care of your vehicle and never get in an accident, you might collect a few scratches and dings throughout the life of your car. A paint job can cover a host of past run-ins with parking garage pillars and rowdy teens with keys.

Sun Damage

There is more than one way to skin a car and one of the biggest threats to yours is that big yellow star in the sky shooting UV rays for 12 hours a day. If you’ve neglected detailing your car with a fresh coat of wax a few times too many, the sun can take its toll. A fresh coat of paint can restore your vehicle to looking like new.
Whatever reason you might have to take your car into an auto body shop for a new paint job, it can have a variety of benefits. Besides looking better, it can help increase the resale value and protect against rust and corrosion.

Just Because You Do

A paint job is an underrated way to spice up your automotive experience. Sometimes it’s nice to have a change and, instead of buying a new car, you can get a shiny new coat of paint. Plus, if you find a great deal on a car but it’s not really the color you want, you can take the deal and put the savings towards the color of your dreams. Anyone shopping for a used car knows that the market is flooded with lackluster white and silver paint. The neutrality of the colors usually helps resale, which explains their abundance, but not everyone wants to have the most common colors.

Whatever reason you might have to take your car into an auto body shop for a new paint job, it can have a variety of benefits. Besides looking better, it can help increase the resale value and protect against rust and corrosion.

Why Choose Paintless Dent Repair?

Before and After Paintless Dent Repair Mercedes
The benefits of PDR

When your car suffers a ding or dent, most people think that the only way to repair it is with the expensive “fill and refinish” method, an elaborate process which involves beating out the dent, grinding away the original paint with a sander, applying body filler, reshaping, applying primer to fill in any sanding scratches, using spot putty on any pinholes in the primer and finally, applying the finish coat of paint, which also requires blending with the surrounding area of the car. Rather than go through a complicated and costly affair by either doing it yourself or taking it to an auto body shop, many people just resign themselves to ignoring the dings and dents in their car as they accumulate. There is, however, an alternative solution, and that is paintless dent repair.

What you need to know

If the dent or ding in your car is not extreme enough to have damaged the finish, like dents from hail, door dings, or even something like a dent from a basketball, then a “fill and refinish” is a wholly unnecessary cost. Instead, a paintless dent repair can be made. This is done by finding a pathway that gives you access to the back side of the dent, by reaching behind fenders, inside doors, or between body panels, to push the dent back out and return the metal to its original shape. An alternate method is to bond a “tab” or other “puller” tool to the exterior of the panel and literally pull the dent out, popping the panel back to normal. This method is much less time-consuming and significantly cheaper than the usual method of dent repair. It also maintains the original paint job, helps to preserve your resale value, and is more environmentally safe since no chemicals are required. Clearly, paintless dent repair is a win-win all around.

Final word

The “fill and refinish” method may sometimes be the only option if the damage to your car is enough to have comprised or broken through the finish paint. If this is not the case, then choosing paintless dent repair means less time and money spent at the auto body shop and much less modification to your car and its factory paint job. If you’re in need of dent or ding repair, the professionals at Breezy Point Auto Body can provide you with paintless dent repair to save you money and get you back on the road faster!