What to Do After a Car Accident: Safety Precautions and Next Best Steps

Accidents are always unfortunate, but knowing what to do can help ease the situation. Being prepared for what happens before and after an accident can help you minimize your stress and reduce the negative consequences you may face.

Accidents are always unfortunate, but knowing what to do can help ease the situation. Be prepared for what happens before and after an accident by keeping Breezy Point Auto Body's phone number handy!

Before the Accident Happens

There are a few things you can do to prepare for the worst. Defensive driving classes with help you gain the skills it takes to avoid accidents due to other people’s driving. With defensive driving classes, students learn to improve their driving skills by reducing their driving risks, anticipating situations, and making safe well-informed decisions.

Having an emergency kit in your car is a great way to be prepared for any road emergency. A flashlight, orange cones, first aid kit, paper and pens, a charged phone, and emergency tools should all be included in your kit.

What to Do After a Car Accident

If you do find yourself in an accident, there is a proper procedure to handle the situation. First, stop and evaluate the scene. Assess what has happened and the damage that has occurred. Don’t spend too much time on this if you are still in the middle of the road.

Move your car to a safer area if possible. At this point, you should contact the authorities. Mark the scene and document the damage. These photos will be helpful for your insurance claim.

Now you can call your insurance company and let them know about the accident.

It is recommended that you always go to the hospital after an accident. Even if you don’t feel pain the first day, or even if you think the whiplash will subside, you should still see a doctor. You should see a medical professional within three days, but the sooner the better.

What to Not Do After a Car Accident

The first rule of car accidents is to never admit fault. Let the insurance company and the proper authorities decide. Don’t lose your temper. This won’t help the situation. Don’t say “I am fine” or “I feel ok.” You should always see a doctor after a car accident.

Many people believe that you don’t need an attorney after an accident. However, the best thing you can do is call your accident attorney, even before you call your insurance provider. While you may have an obligation to cooperate with your own insurance company in certain circumstances, a lawyer can provide you with expert advice before you agree on any settlements, especially while you are still in shock after an accident.

Prepare for the Worst

If the car accident is serious, you may be dealing with a lawsuit. In that case, you will need the help of an accident attorney. You may be held responsible for the other parties medical bills and car repair.

Repairing Your Car

If you’ve been in an accident, you will probably have some damage to your vehicle. Most collision damage is repairable if you go to a skilled garage. Most auto body shops car repair dents, paint loss, and even structural damage.

Breezy Point Auto Body in Stratford, CT can handle all of your auto body repair needs. We specialize in collision repair and can get your car looking like new again. Contact us to learn more.

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